The Collin County area features a variety of family entertainment in every aspect.  Perhaps the best way to spend a day with the family is a sporting event.  While Collin County itself isn’t home to any of the big 4 sports teams, nearby areas in Ft. Worth and Dallas are home to at least one team in each of the big 4 sports franchises.   

In addition to professional sports, there are also several feeder ball clubs such as minor league baseball teams and training facilities for the professional sports teams in the area.  The Star is the Dallas Cowboys team headquarters that has just recently opened in Frisco.  This is a public attraction that hosts a great schedule of events that are open to the public for spectator viewing. 

Another highly popular spectator sport in Collin County is high school football.  On a Friday night in the fall, there will usually be over 10,000 people at the local high school football games.  Entire families typically go out to these games to enjoy the football, cheerleading, dance teams, and bands.  These environments are family and children centered.  With all of these options available, there is no shortage of spectator events for families to enjoy at any point in the year if you live in Collin County. 


Dallas Cowboys

1 AT&T Way9 Cowboys Way 

Arlington, TX 76011Frisco, TX 75034 



The Dallas Cowboys are a professional football team based out of Arlington, Texas.  The Dallas Cowboys headquarters is located in Frisco, Texas.  The Star features scheduled tours and many amenities available to the public at specific times.  The Dallas Cowboys opened up their new stadium in Arlington in 2009.  This stadium is widely considered the best stadium in the NFL.  The experience of watching a game at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington is one of the best spectator sporting events in the entire state. 


Dallas Mavericks 

2500 Victory Ave. 

Dallas, TX 75219 



The Dallas Mavericks are a professional basketball team based out of Dallas, Texas.  They play their games at the American Airlines Arena in Dallas.  The spectator experience of a Mavericks game is arguably the best of any of the 4 major sports.  There is no way to get any closer to the action than at a professional basketball game.  Complete with great events for kids and adults alike, there is a great experience for everyone in the family. 


Dallas Stars 

2500 Victory Ave. 

Dallas, TX 75219 



The Dallas Stars are a professional hockey team based out of Dallas, Texas.  The Stars play their games at the American Airlines Center in North Dallas.  This is just a 10-minute drive south of Collin County.  The Stars offer many promotional events that appeal to children and adults alike.  The atmosphere of a hockey game must be experienced to truly understand.  The entertainment value is incredible.  


Frisco Rough Riders 

7300 Roughriders Trail 

Frisco, TX 75034 



The Frisco Rough Riders are a double-A minor league baseball affiliate of the Texas Rangers.  Located in the heart of Frisco, the Rough Riders play at the Dr. Pepper Ballpark.  Crowds are typically around 5,000 people but can grow as high as 9,000 people on a good night.  Games feature a high quality of play.  Many of these players are on their way to the Major Leagues and are developing at this level to get to that point.  These games are great to attend as they feature much more interaction with the crowd from players and coaches alike. 


SMU Athletics 

6425 Boaz Lane 

Dallas, TX 75205 



The closest major college to Collin County is Southern Methodist University.  This is a major Division I program that competes in most every major sport.  The fall will feature Saturday games at their magnificent stadium.  Spring sports are showcased with a competitive baseball team and a basketball team that is always among the better teams in the state.  College athletic events are great avenues to watch sports.  SMU offers a great location for spectator sports. 


TCU Athletics 

2800 S. University Dr. 

Ft. Worth, TX 76129 



TCU is one of the premier athletic programs in the state of Texas.  They are a private, Division I university that has put out professional athletes in every sport over the last 15 years.  The football program is commonly in the top 25 in the nation and, most recently, has been situated in the top 10 for much of the last 4 seasons.  The baseball team has been a force at the College World Series and is one of the best programs in the nation.  TCU is located in Ft. Worth, Texas.  This is just over a 30-minute drive from Collin County.   


Texas Legends 

2601 Avenue of Stars 

Frisco, TX 75034 



The Texas Legends are a D-League basketball team that is an affiliate of the Dallas Mavericks.  This team is based in Frisco, Texas and they play their games at the Dr. Pepper Arena.  These games offer a great entertainment value.  Many of these players will find themselves on an NBA roster in the future.  Autographs are always an exciting opportunity for children, and these games offer great opportunity to connect with these players on a personal level.  Attendance has been solid at 5,000 to 10,000 people over the last 5 years.   


Texas Rangers 

1000 Ballpark Way 

Arlington, TX 76011 



The Texas Rangers are a professional baseball team based out of Arlington, Texas.  This is just a 25-minute drive south out of Collin County.  The Rangers typically earn an attendance of at least 25,000 people for each home game, with many games over 40,000 people.  This is a great environment for families to enjoy America’s past time.  Wednesdays are dollar hot dog night, making it a great option for any family.  Don’t worry; the ice cream is always in stock for those hot summer days as well!