Collin County has earned a reputation as one of the fastest growing counties in all of Texas.

Often times, counties will grow at a rate that makes it impossible for recreation, family fun, and entertainment to keep up.  Most of the cities within Collin County have managed to not only expand their infrastructure and housing initiatives with this growth, but they have also been able to grow recreation and leisure activity opportunities with it.   

 Arts and Culture 

Collin County has much to offer by the way of Arts and Culture.  Along with several museums and art theaters in the county, there are also numerous historical areas for the whole family to learn from.  There are several locations for music and dance interaction, both for the family, and for a night on the town.  In recent years, a heavy emphasis has been placed to continue the growth in this area in several of the cities of Collin County, most notably in Frisco, Plano, and McKinney. 

Family Fun 

There are numerous activities for the entire family in this area.  A day at the park is readily available at one of many locations.  With the amount of larger cities in Collin County, there is seemingly an event to be found in the center of each town nearly every weekend.  There are many great outdoor activities to go along with each specific area of the county.  There are numerous upper echelon movie theatres in the area that are sure to have a movie that the whole family can enjoy.  The entire family can find something new each weekend to enjoy in this vast, growing county. 

One of the biggest lakes of the area is located in Collin County.  Lavon Lake is known for calm water and great recreational areas.  The lake is often frequented with families who are looking for some relief from the Texas heat.  Lavon Lake offers great fishing and camping areas for the entire family to relax and have fun. 

Golf Courses 

Collin County is home to some of the best golf courses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  The courses of Collin County typically revolve themselves around great vegetation, high quality course layouts, and a great natural look to the course.  With many streams, plains, and rock bound areas, the courses in this area are sure to challenge any level of golfer, all while providing a great experience.  Most of the courses of the area are realistically priced.   

Spectator Sports 

In recent years, Collin County athletics has actually revolved around families going to watch high school athletic events.  From football in the fall, to baseball in the spring, the high schools in the area feature some of the best athletic programs in the state.  For the last several years, high schools such as Plano East HS, Plano HS, Allen HS, and the Frisco High Schools have achieved well over 10,000 people at most home games.  This is a very large number of people.  Many of these people are taking their entire family to enjoy a Friday evening game. 

Dallas and Ft. Worth offer some great spectator sports for the entire family as well.  The Texas Rangers are based out of Arlington, TX.  This is just a 30-minute drive from Collin County.  The Dallas Cowboys play in Arlington, TX.  They also have their team headquarters in Frisco.  There are minor league baseball teams in the area as well as hockey and soccer teams that are available to watch.  There are numerous spectator sports in the area.   

Outside Family Fun 

Perhaps the most attractive aspect of Collin County is the outdoor family entertainment that is available.  There are numerous parks, lakes, camping grounds, and hiking trails.  Bike trails have recently made a comeback in the area, as most cities have several that will run in safe areas throughout the town.  There are several fishing areas that hold great numbers of Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Sunfish, Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and several species of Catfish.  In addition to traditional style golf, there are also several disc golf courses in the area.  Combine all of this with the parks, scenery, vegetation, and plentiful wildlife of the area, and there is a recipe for great outdoor fun. 

Overall, Collin County has a lot to offer.  Perhaps the best trait of Collin County is the ability to service a large number of people over many different backgrounds and cultures.  For each of these backgrounds and cultures, there are many things to do to enhance the value and experience of one’s time in this area.  For the rate of growth in Collin County, it is staggering the amount activities that this area has been able to generate and maintain over the last several years.