Collin County is a region that offers a myriad of art and culture choices throughout the entire area.

There are a great number of museums in the county that cover a wide range of historical areas from Texas history to the timeline of the railroad industry in the area.  Along with museums, there are several choices for theatre that go beyond the new age cinema style entertainment.   

Theatre is perhaps one of the fastest growing artistic forms of the area.  There are many theatres that focus on specific genres in the area.  Many of these theatres offer educational programs that can help people of all ages take part in performance arts and continue their growth in many aspects of the art. 

Music has played a key role in the history of North Texas as a whole.  Collin County has many places that showcase music for both entertainment purposes and historical teaching.  There are several dance studios and dance halls that make a great day or a fun night out on the town. 

The cultural centers of Collin County are some of the most in depth and most highly reviewed in all of North Texas.  While cultural centers can encompass anything from historical museums to art galleries and performance arts, there are several cultural centers that focus on the preservation and education of culture.  Overall, Collin County has options in several aspects of arts and culture.  There is an artistic outlet for everyone to enjoy here no matter what genre appeals to them. 



Collin County Farm Museum 

7117 Co Road 166 

McKinney, TX 75071 


The Collin County Farm Museum features a comprehensive history of farming and agriculture of Collin County.  Agricultural history is documented as far back as the earliest Collin County settlement.  One of the most unique features of the Collin County Farm Museum is the hands on learning that is often featured here.  A recent event at the museum allowed for people to learn how to make their own balm for skin protection, just as they did in the early days of settlement.  This is a museum that has something for the whole family to enjoy. 


Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary 

1 Nature Place 

McKinney, TX 75069 


The Heard Museum is one of the most notable in the entire area.  This museum is like a hands on zoo if you will.  There are numerous trails that can be walked by the entire family that can bring them into the animal habitat.  Along the way, the information that is provided on the numerous animals is incredible.  There are garden exhibits that feature the beauty of Texas vegetation.  One of the most popular areas is the Texas Snake exhibit.  Overall, this is one of the most popular family sites in all of North Texas. 


Museum of the American Railroad 

6455 Page St. 

Frisco, TX 75034 


The Museum of the American Railroad is one of the most complete national dedications to the development and growth of the American Railroad in the nation.  This museum features a wide variety of both old and new model railroad equipment.  The size of the exhibits is simply breathtaking for anyone who visits.  Guests are even allowed to walk through the equipment on the guided tours.  This museum used to be located in Dallas, but is currently moving to its new location in Frisco.  The Museum of the American Railroad is a must-see for the whole family. 


North Texas History Center 

300 E. Virginia St. 

McKinney, TX 75069 


The North Texas History Center is one of the most in-depth and detailed museums of the growth and involvement of the people of North Texas.  As one of the most visited museums in Collin County, there is never a shortage of exhibits that will capture the essence of the history of North Texas.  Featuring breathtaking photos and documentation from as far back as early Native American activity, the scope of knowledge displayed at the North Texas History Center is simply something that must be seen. 


North Texas Masonic Historical Museum & Library 

1414 J Avenue 

Plano, TX 75074 


The North Texas Masonic Historical Museum and Library is one of the most in-depth chronicles of history of specific areas of Collin County that there is.  This Museum features Masonic history as it worked with the history of North Texas.  From the incorporation of Dallas, to the forming of Plano and McKinney, the depth of regional history at this venue is incredible.  The pictures of the early incorporation and development that was created serve as a great way to educate people on the early days of the county. 


Music, Dance, & Theatre 

Allen’s Community Theatre 

1210 E. Main St. Suite 300 

Allen, TX 75002 


 Allen’s Community Theatre is one of the most unique music and theatre venues in the area.  Featuring performances of class ballets, plays, and musical pieces, Allen’s Community Theatre allows local residents a variety of roles to be auditioned for right in the community.  Patrons typically leave feeling like they were treated to great entertainment at an affordable price.  Allen’s Community Theatre is sure to keep growing with the rest of the area.  This is a great and highly respected venue for music and theatre. 


Collin County Ballet Theatre 

2865 McDermott Road #140 

Plano, TX 75025 


The Collin County Ballet Theatre is one of the best theatres in Collin County.  This theatre features some of the best ballets in the area.  With accomplished performers and incredible music, the Collin County Ballet has seen a rise in visitors each year for the past several years.  The main ballets offered for the last year were Ballet Fete, Sugar Plum Fairy Tea, The Nutcracker, and the very popular Cinderella.  The Collin County Ballet Theatre is a great opportunity for a date night or entire family entertainment. 


Frisco Discovery Center 

8004 Dallas Pkwy #200 

Frisco, TX 75034 


The Frisco Discovery Center has it all.  This venue has most anything that the art patron would ever want.  There is a renowned art gallery, a Black Box Theatre, a National Videogame Museum, and even a Sci-Fi Discovery Center.  This Black Box Theatre features performances on a wide range of avenues from music, theatre, ballet, and private films.  A high level of community involvement makes the Frisco Discovery Center one of the most intriguing areas in Frisco. 


The Art Centre Theatre-Plano 

5220 Village Creek Dr. 

Plano, TX 75093 


The Art Centre Theatre is a unique venue that features a wide variety of performances that are sure to capture the desire of any patron.  The performers are typically students of acting from a range of children to adults.  The Art Centre Theatre serves as both a place to watch great productions as well as a venue for actors who are looking to learn and grow in the industry.  The Art Centre Theatre has achieved great notoriety for its work with youths and its detailed performances of classic plays. 


Theatre Britain 

1517 H Avenue  

Plano, TX 75074 


This is one of the premier British Pantos of the entire region.  Theatre Britain features over-the-top characters that children will absolutely love.  The entire essence of a British Panto is the constant of the Dame, the Principal Boy, and the Villain.  Theatre Britain has seen great growth in recent years, likely attributed to the great performances and lively atmosphere of their showings.   


Cultural Centers 

Heard-Craig Center for the Arts 

205 West Hunt St. 

McKinney, TX 75069 


The Heard-Craig Center for the Arts is a unique setting for artistic development and performance.  The history of the Heard-Craig building is one-of-a-kind.  The building itself was built in 1900.  The mission of the Heard-Craig Center for the Arts is to preserve and foster the arts through exhibits and educational programs.  There are few better alternatives in understanding the culture of Collin County than the Heard-Craig Center. 


McKinney Performing Arts Center 

111 N. Tennessee St. 

McKinney, TX 75069 


The McKinney Performing Arts Center is a focal point for the city of McKinney for numerous arts and entertainment.  There are frequent performances in many genres such as comedy, theatre, concerts, and off-Broadway entertainment.  There are several big name stars who have come through this venue and several renowned orchestras.  The theatre itself is located inside the historic McKinney Courthouse and seats over 400 people.   


The ArtCentre of Plano 

902 East 16th St. 

Plano, TX 75074 


The ArtCentre of Plano is a brand new, art focused venue that promotes the continued education of the arts.  The ArtCentre is something that many in Plano pushed hard for.  Some of the best artists and artistic studios are scheduled to make stops that the ArtCentre of Plano in the coming months.  Judging by the warm reception the ArtCentre garnered at its grand opening, there will definitely be many visitors at the upcoming events.