Collin County has a rich cultural tradition that is shaped by diversity in language, heritage, economical status, and overall background.  Combine all of this with a rapidly growing population within one county, and a truly unique region of Texas is born.  There is no better way to measure this diversity than by the beautiful blend of foods with influence from around the globe.  Depending on which region of Collin County someone explores, they are sure to find several food styles that speak to creativity among the people of the area. 

Collin County has many large cities that share common characteristics in cuisine.  The most notable similarity is variety and fusion of cultures.  In each of these cities, a unique mix of southern influence can be found in the cuisine.  Often times, this southern influence is mixed with several different native foods to provide a truly remarkable product.  A common Texas mix that is very notable in Collin County is Tex-Mex.  This is a common blend of Texas traditional cuisines with a Mexican cultural influence.  Several major chains support this mix, such as Rosa’s Café, El Paseo, Chuy’s, and Torchy’s Taco’s.  This is just one of many options for blended cuisines in Collin County. 

While most any city in Collin County will feature unique blends of Texas traditional cuisine with other native dishes, there are also several cities that offer specialty native dishes.  There are several cities in Collin County that have a rich Asian culture.  Other cities have a rich Middle Eastern influence.  Each of these influences offers amazing food choices that make dining in Collin County a truly unique experience.  



Allen is perhaps the most diverse region in Collin County.  There are several cultural blends in this area such as Asian, Puerto Rican, Middle Eastern, Mexican, and Italian.  Allen has most any of the major chain restaurants that you could ever want.  There are several locations of steakhouses, buffets, fast food, and fine dining.  Many of these restaurants have proven to be big hits in the city of Allen. 


Black Walnut Café 

955 W. Stacy Rd. 

Allen, TX 75013 


The Black Walnut Café is one of the most frequented locations in Allen for those looking for a quick, laid back meal that is made as ordered and delicious.  A laid back atmosphere with unique American food items make the Black Walnut Café a popular destination for lunch or dinner. 


La Finca Chiquita 

107 Butler Dr. 

Allen, TX 75013 


La Finca Chiquita is a family owned and operated Tex-Mex restaurant located in the heart of Allen.  By far, the most notable items here are the wonderful homemade salsas and the handmade sopapillas.  This is Tex-Mex in Collin County at its finest. 


Roman Cucina 

201 E. Bethany Dr. 

Allen, TX 75002 


Roman Cucina is a local Italian restaurant that is a favorite of many people in Allen.  Along with their locally famous subs, they offer great cocktails in an amazing, modern atmosphere.  Many have dubbed this as one of the best Italian restaurants in the DFW metro area. 



2540 N. Watters Dr. 

Allen, TX 75013 


Shiawase is a well-known Japanese eatery located in the northern reaches of Allen.  Shiawase has classic Japanese dishes, including some of the best sushi in town.  The atmosphere is modern contemporary, which fits right along with the culture of Allen.  


TwoRows Classic Grill 

711 Central Expressway S. 

Allen, TX 75013 


TwoRows Classic Grill is a local buffet style restaurant that is known for its lively atmosphere.  This is a fast paced restaurant that offers daily specials, a wide variety of beverage options, and even a heated patio.  Open mic nights top off the great vibe that this eatery puts off. 




Frisco has a very similar cuisine culture to Allen.  There are numerous food chains that have been working hard to earn locations in Frisco.  Notably, In-and-Out Burger opened up one of the first locations in Texas in Frisco.  Frisco is undoubtedly the fastest growing city in Collin County.  With this tremendous growth comes an expanding and unique dining culture.  Frisco offers several options that are sure to satisfy any culinary desire. 


3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House 

4226 Preston Rd.  

Frisco, TX 75034 


3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House features some of the best BBQ in all of Collin County.  The cook is warmly known as “The Rib Whisperer”.  The drink menu is full of classic brews and local IPA’s.  This is the epitome of Texas dining.  


Crudo Wood Fired Taverna 

7004 Lebanon Rd. 

Frisco, TX 75034 


Crudo Wood Fired Taverna is a family-run Italian eatery known for its massive, wood fire burned pizzas.  The wine menu at this location is unbeatable in its selection and affordability.  For Italian local dining, there really are few that do it better than Crudo Wood Fired Taverna. 


Edoko Sushi & Robata 

5490 TX-121  

Frisco, TX 75034 


Edoko Sushi & Robata is perhaps the most unique Japanese dining experience in Frisco.  Combine the incredibly fresh sushi menu with a beautiful, contemporary setting and everyone is truly in for a treat.   


La Hacienda Ranch 

4110 Preston Rd. 

Frisco, TX 75034 


La Hacienda Ranch features a classic blend of Tex-Mex cuisine with an amazing ranch-house environment.  This mix is accompanied by an amazing menu of drinks, including some of the best frozen drinks in the area.  The steaks are incredible, as is the entire experience. 



3401 Preston Rd. #1 

Frisco, TX 75034 


Mash’d is one of the most unique environments of the area.  There is a classic patio design with a bar that is half inside and half outside.  The food is a rich mix of Cajun influence with a Texas twist.  Mash’d offers great food at an affordable price in an incredible atmosphere. 



McKinney is the oldest of the bigger cities of Collin County.  With this fact comes a reputation for some local traditional cuisine that has been around for decades.  McKinney has arguably the best BBQ options in the county as well as several great American influenced cuisines.  While the atmosphere will not be as modern as Frisco or Allen, the food options of McKinney are outstanding and have stood the test of time. 


Cavalli Pizza Napoletana 

6851 Virginia Parkway 

McKinney, TX 75071 


Cavalli Pizza Napoletana is a locally owned Italian eatery that features an in-depth menu of pizza styles from across the country.  Along with fine Italian cuisine is an amazing wine menu and craft beer selection.  Cavalli Pizza Napoletana brings a piece of Italy to McKinney. 


Éclair Bistro 

216 E. Virginia St. 

McKinney, TX 75069 


The Éclair Bistro offers arguably the best French cuisine in Collin County.  The menu is rich in unique French items with a modern twist.  The atmosphere is tremendous and contemporary, complete with a jazz lounge upstairs.   


Hutchins BBQ and Catfish 

1301 N. Tennessee St. 

McKinney, TX 75069 


Hutchings BBQ and Catfish is a traditional Texas centered restaurant in both its atmosphere and its food.  With an all-you-can-eat style menu of ribs, brisket, and wings, the BBQ is top-notch.  Fried catfish is a specialty as well.   


Spoons Café 

100 E. Louisiana Avenue 

McKinney, TX 75069 


Spoons Café is a fantastic blend of American classic cuisine with Tex-Mex flavor.  Spoons Café is tucked into historic McKinney with great sidewalk dining available.  Live music top off the amazing atmosphere that is Spoons Café. 


Square Burger 

115 N. Kentucky St. 

McKinney, TX 75069 


Square Burger is placed in a renovated and repurposed art deco building.  The loft style dining makes for a unique place to serve the famous pure grass-fed beef burgers that have gained so much notoriety in the area.  The Square Burger may be the best burger in town. 




Plano is the most spread out city of the major areas in Collin County.  With this comes much cultural influence in dining.  In addition to great Texas cuisine and Tex-Mex options, there are also several French and Middle Eastern influenced eateries.  Plano has thrived on covering a large population of diverse people for decades, and the dining is no different.  Plano has been a largely populated area for much longer than has Frisco or Allen.  This makes the tradition of Plano farther reaching and a bit more rooted.  Many believe the best dining in all of Collin County is found in Plano. 


Lahori Kabab 

6832 Coit Rd. 

Plano, TX 75023 


Lahori Kabab joins classic Texas BBQ with traditional Middle Eastern cuisine.  With this unique blend, it is frequented and favored by people looking for diverse mixes of food.  The atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, and the kababs are some of the best around. 


Ruang Thai Restaurant 

1301 Custer Rd. 

Plano, TX 75075 


Ruang Thai Restaurant is extremely popular with locals.  Featuring traditional Thai food in a relaxed setting, this is one of the most popular Thai restaurants in Collin County.  The service is often rated as some of the best in the Dallas area. 


Seasons 52 

7300 Lone Star Dr. C100 

Plano, TX 75024 


Seasons 52 has a thriving atmosphere that is known for an upscale setting and a diverse wine menu.  The menu is revolving on seasonal American traditional dishes with a modern spin.  Each item is under 475 calories.  This is a truly unique destination in Collin County. 


The Latin Pig 

3131 Custer Rd. #165 

Plano, TX 75075 


The Latin Pig is one of the more uniquely blended menus in the county, as it combines Puerto Rican and Cuban cuisine with a Texas twist.  This is a quiet and unassuming café located in a strip-mall.  The food here is delicious and provides a great cultural experience. 


Urban Crust 

1006 E. 15th St. 

Plano, TX 76074 


Urban Crust is known for having the best thin crust pizza in North Texas.  The atmosphere is fantastic, as it is located in a historic building dating back to the 1800’s.  The roof even has an ice bar.  This is the most unique Italian eatery in Plano.