Collin County is known as being a diverse and heavily occupied area.  With this eclectic population, it is important for Collin County cities to satisfy the needs of the many families in the area.  In an effort to keep residents from having to drive to Dallas or Fort Worth to take care of their shopping needs, cities in Collin County have built a strong foundation of shopping centers, malls, and outlet chains 

Much of the appeal of shopping in Collin County is found in the atmosphere.  The modern shopper looks for much more than just entering a store and purchasing items.  These locations provide a lovely shopping experience complete with dining, entertainment, and services beyond shopping.  Collin County shopping locations realize that people enjoy the opportunity to have all of their needs met at one location.   

Overall, shopping in Collin County has never been more enjoyable than it is now.  The great growth in the population of Collin County has resulted in a tremendous desire for retailers to get their products to this area.  Shopping Centers here no longer appear as just a basic building with a large sign, they are now a magnificent group of structures that are visually appealing and breathtaking.  Shopping in Collin County is a great experience at most any location. 


380 Towne Crossing 

2050 W. University Dr. 

McKinney, TX 75071 

 380 Towne Crossing is located right by Collin College.  The overall layout of this location is exceptional in regards to showcasing storefronts and restaurants.  There is good variety of shopping and services offered here as well.  Several notable salons are at this shopping center, as well as a few big box stores.  This is a great option for any family in the McKinney area. 


Allen Premium Outlets 

820 W. Stacy Rd. 

Allen, TX 75013 

 Allen Premium Outlets is a widely popular shopping choice for the family shopper on a budget.  This is a national chain that carries most any name brand that comes to mind.  The Premium Outlet in Allen has a great food court that allows for a relaxing break from a busy day of shopping.   


Collin Creek Mall 

811 N. Central Expressway 

Plano, TX 75075 

 The Collin Creek Mall is a large mall located in the heart of Plano.  This mall sees thousands of customers per day.  With an amazing 79 stores and more planned for the future, this mall is a mid-range mall that provides many shopping choices while not overwhelming with expansive size.  With most every feature that one could imagine with a mall, the Collin Creek Mall goes above and beyond expectation for a delightful shopping experience. 


Eldorado Ridge Shopping Center 

6405 Eldorado Parkway 

McKinney, TX 75070  

Eldorado Ridge Shopping Center is a premium location for the shopper with a quick need that doesn’t want to dive into the crowded space of a mall.  This is a shopping strip center that features many retailers and chain stores.  The shopping center itself has a beautiful atmosphere and plenty of space to navigate.  There are several great restaurants in the area as well. 


Preston Shepard Place 

1713 Preston Rd. 

Plano, TX 75093 

 Preston Shepard Place is a large shopping center that extends in multiple directions.  There are a large number of big box stores and large retailers in this area.  The shopping center itself extends several blocks, complete with restaurants, salons, and gyms.  This is typically a very busy location with lots of interaction.  Preston Shepard Place is seemingly constantly growing, with new stores being added nearly every month. 


Stonebriar Centre 

2601 Preston Rd. 

Frisco, TX 75034 

 The Stonebriar Centre is located in the heart of Frisco.  With the tremendous growth of Frisco over the last decade, Stonebriar Centre vastly expanded as well.  There are currently 165 stores and services offered at Stonebriar Centre.  This is a large area shopping center that is sure to satisfy the needs of any shopper in the Frisco area. 


 The Shops at Starwood 

6959 Lebanon Rd. 

Frisco, TX 75034 

 The Shops at Starwood are yet another fine Frisco shopping option.  This location is relatively new, with modern shopping features and a great overall look to the buildings.  There are several great restaurants in the area and many shops to choose from to fit your shopping needs.  This is by far one of the fastest growing shopping centers in Collin County.  There is much competition among local retailers to secure a space in this location. 


The Shops at Willow Bend 

6121 W. Park Blvd. 

Plano, TX 75093 

 The Shops at Willow Bend is a large shopping mall located on the western side of Plano.  This mall features a collection of over 125 stores and 3 major retail chains.  This is a massive area to shop.  Customers frequent this location by the thousands each day, regularly finding sales and great deals at one of the many choices to shop.   


The Village at Allen 

190 E. Stacy Rd. 

Allen, TX 75002 

 The Village at Allen combines an amazing shopping experience with the new age shopping style that revolves around entertainment, dining, and atmosphere.  The Village is an outdoor shopping mall that is centered on department stores, salons, retail stores, and bookstores.  The overall look of this shopping center is arguably the most attractive in the area.  This is a shopping center that takes pride in meeting all your needs in one area. 


Watters Creek 

970 Garden Park Dr. 

Allen, TX 75013 

Watters Creek is one of the liveliest shopping experiences one can have in Collin County.  The overall atmosphere is incredible.  There is frequently live music on the weekends to go along with a lovely scenic environment in the middle of the city.  Watters Creek has 71 stores and services to go along with this great atmosphere, making it an extremely popular location for shoppers on any budget.