Amberton University

There lies a common misconception that going back to school as a working adult has to be… difficult, and that balancing a full-time job while earning a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is next to impossible. Though the delicate dance of work, family obligations, and higher education can be a challenging routine to master, Amberton University with its degrees designed for working adults has made it so that its students never miss a step.

For over 50 years, Amberton has boasted affordable and accredited degree programs and certifications that are expertly crafted to meet the needs of the adult student. That means no GRE required, no fees to apply, night and weekend courses available on campus at their Garland or Frisco location starting Fall 2021, and online courses offered now for students who would rather skip the commute and complete their degree from the comfort of their couch instead. Flexibility is key here as the average Amberton student is 37 years old, employed, and has a family. This type of student is far less concerned about attending a traditional 4-year university with a powerhouse football team, a catacomb of glossy new dormitories, and pep rallies and fight songs to bring in the weekend. Instead, the Amberton student is more enamored with the idea of graduating with a valuable and accredited degree from a respected institution and doing so while investing as little time or financial expense as possible.

This “no-frills” approach to higher learning helps the Amberton student find success faster, by graduating with far less debt than they would accrue were they to attend the aforementioned traditional 4-year university; Amberton’s streamlined style of education coupled with an incredibly low tuition rate makes it one of the most attractive destinations for working professionals to earn an advanced degree. 10-Week accelerated courses in a myriad of immediately viable, real-world professions such as Project Management, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Human Resource Management, Enterprise Analytics, and Strategic Leadership help better prepare the student for the ever-changing demands of the workforce.

Accredited programs and accessible tuition aside, the singular most standout feature of the university lies within the institution itself: the Amberton faculty. Imagine being able to learn a new skill firsthand from a master of that particular craft. It would be akin to learning how to direct films from Steven Spielberg himself. At Amberton, all courses are a masterclass, because they’re taught by actual industry professionals that understand the adult learner. Amberton’s faculty is made up of seasoned men and women who are not only true experts in their field but are also active practitioners in those fields. There are no Teaching or Graduate Assistants, or paint by numbers courses overseen by leadership. Amberton courses are hand tailored by professors who understand the radically changing climate of the workforce and know exactly what the student needs to weather the storm, obtain their degree, and excel in their field of choice.

With four sessions available (Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring) students can visit year-round to apply for any session or contact an Advisor for help with a variety of tasks including finding appropriate courses to earn a degree, accepting payments, and assisting with enrollment.