TLC Schools of Legacy (TLC) offers their families and their children the highest quality of educational programs and child-care, combined with an appealing, safe, secure and exciting environment for a child to grow and develop.

It is their goal to provide an atmosphere where each child can experience success on a daily basis, build a positive self-image, and acquire a lifelong love of learning.

TLC offers a state-of-the-art, developmentally appropriate, warm and nurturing environment. Offering advanced educational programs, which are designed to support and guide children as they move at an individual pace through each developmental and learning stage. TLC understands the learning behavior patterns of children and how quickly children can advance through the stages of growth. I t is for this reason TLC divides their curriculum into six-month increments.

They plan each day, week, month and year to optimize the development of each child who attends TLC. TLC believes that a well – rounded curriculum should include age appropriate curriculums, secondary languages, technological studies, and extracurricular activities.

TLC has chosen the HighReach and ABeka© curriculums. HighReach Learning helps to bui ld exciting, enriching and effective classroom experiences for children between six-weeks-old and 24 months old. It is based on the philosophy that children learn best through hands-on activities, encouraging small and large motor skills. The ABeka© curriculum a thorough, detailed, and structured program. It ensures that your child will be taught new material at each level, two-years-old and up, while reviewing previously taught material.

In addition to their curriculums TLC offers Spanish, Music, Computer and Sign language classes that correspond with each day’s lesson plan. TLC believes that learning a second language is essential to a child’s development. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of second language learning not only on student’s linguistic abilities but on their cognitive and creative abilities as well. TLC also understands the importance of imagination and playing. They provide separate, age-appropriate outside playground areas that are designed to let your child have fun and explore their world in a safe and supervised environment. They also have two indoor activity rooms to help develop gross motor skills and develop imaginations.

TLC Schools

TLC takes security very seriously. TLC has a four point security with locked front doors that can only be entered with individual security codes, check-in codes, check-in computers for all staff and children, video cameras in every classroom, hallway, and playground, in classroom attendance tracking via KidReports, as well as a visitor sign in log. Also, every member of their staff receives a FBI Fingerprint background check before joining team TLC.

“ We pride ourselves in the warm, nurturing
environment that we offer along with our outstanding
educational programs. ”
– Lori Stewart, Executive Director